Cyber Security Best Practices Every Business Should Follow

Is your company’s data really secure?

The unfortunate truth is that any company can fall victim to cyber-attacks. No matter if you are a young start-up or a large corporation, various cyber threats are out there. Cybercriminals are constantly looking for new ways to access your company’s sensitive data, making cyber-attacks increasingly more complex.

So, the question lies – what is the best way to approach an organisation’s cyber security? In this article, we discuss 4 cyber security best practices that every business should follow.

1. Raise awareness amongst employees

One of the top issues that a company in the digital era must concentrate on is staff awareness of cyber security. Providing staff with the fundamental knowledge required for cyber security has frequently been a key differentiator between businesses that are prone to cyber-attacks and those that are not.

Your employees can be your strongest security defence or biggest security risk. These days, an increasing number of cybercriminals are utilising people as an entry point to access your company’s sensitive data. Besides exceptional endpoint security products such as Trend Micro Endpoint Security Singapore, educating your employees on possible threats and how to protect against them is incredibly beneficial.

2. Review authentication processes and passwords

A business’s authentication procedures should always be documented, and your employees’ use of certain systems should be subject to checks and balances to prevent usage in bad faith.

The techniques used for authentication should be as secure as possible, because keeping track of who has access to what information in your organisation is crucial. Users with privileged access need to be more carefully watched and educated on the importance of safeguarding the company’s sensitive data.

Moreover, strong passwords are one of the most essential components of any cyber security strategy. Cybercriminals have frequently utilised weak or leaked passwords to launch extensive cyber-attacks on organisations.

3. Invest in anti-virus software

Did you know that ransomware and phishing attacks were the two most common forms of cyber-attacks in 2021? In fact, according to the Identity Theft Resource Centre’s Data Breach Report, the number of ransomware cyber-attacks doubled from 2020 to 2021 and is projected to continue to grow.

Even the best-trained and most meticulous employee can make mistakes occasionally. Thus, investing in reliable anti-virus software such as Trend Micro Email Protection, firewalls and more, can add the necessary extra layer of protection against phishing attacks and ransomware.

4. Outsource IT services

For any company, the people who handle the technological aspects of your organisation are responsible for laying a strong foundation in your cyber security efforts. These people should be trained and equipped with the relevant knowledge, skills, and expertise to not only implement preventive measures, but also to manage any potential issues that may arise.


Companies need to take cybersecurity seriously and devote enough resources to it in the upcoming years. Regular cybersecurity hygiene procedures should undoubtedly include the practices we have mentioned above.

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