Top 5 Integrations Ideas for your Synology NAS

As your business works to make its IT systems more productive and efficient, you will likely face challenges when it comes to moving your data to a more powerful, specialised or upgraded server.

Realising the future possibilities for expansion for your organisation will depend significantly on how quickly and effectively you can complete a server move. Given that quick deployments and minimal to no downtime are essential to businesses – regardless of size — it can be incredibly beneficial to seek professional server migration services.

Still not convinced? Read on as we explore why every business should outsource professional server migration services.

First things first, what is server migration?

Data is transferred from one server to another during the server migration procedure. Data may be transferred between servers for a variety of reasons, including equipment replacement, security concerns, and more.

The advantages of outsourcing professional server migration services

  • Eliminates the risk of data loss

One of the primary concerns of any company during the server migration process is data loss. This is because data loss can result in financial and reputational losses. For instance, losing your customers’ data in the midst of migrating servers will reflect poorly on your business’s customer service and cause clients to lose faith in your company.

The risk of data loss can be reduced or even eliminated with professional services. Professional experts safeguard your data while it is being converted and transported using specialised equipment and industry best practices.

  • Minimises downtime

The process of migrating servers is typically drawn out and difficult, especially if a company is trying to do so for the first time without any training or experience. Carrying out this procedure on your own may result in issues, lower output, and even temporary immobilisation of the company. Ultimately, this can lead to reduced productivity and financial losses.

With professional server migration services, experts are able to complete the task in less time. Moreover, you can rest assured that all of your data will be moved accurately and efficiently!

  • Allows you access to a pool of talent and expertise

Last but not least, hiring professional experts for your server migration provides your company with the opportunity to improve and upgrade your current systems for greater performance and access to new technologies. For instance, you could choose to opt for server virtualisation – a technique that maximises the use of your current IT infrastructure resources by dividing a physical server into multiple independent virtual servers.


Although people with some technological abilities may be able to migrate their own data across servers, this operation is typically carried out by a team of experts who are equipped with the relevant skills and knowledge. It may seem like a straightforward matter of a few clicks, but moving data to a new server successfully takes a deeper understanding of how to avoid unanticipated downtime.

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